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Trump, the Savior

I never thought he’d be a president I’d be proud of.  But I thought that, given the realities of the swamp we currently have,  he was the only option that had the balls to do what needs to be done to get the country back on track.  I thought he’d be a great transitional president: one that didn’t give a fuck what the opposition said, did or thought.  Someone capable of doing all the dirty work of righting our ship, then going away to let someone more polished take the helm.

But.  What if he isn’t what he said he was.  I hope he is, but let’s just wargame a bit here.  What if he caves on his promises of reforming healthcare, building a border wall, supporting the second amendment, etc.  He was elected out of despiration.  Folks were so exhaused from the lies and betrayals of their own party that they elected him.  So what if even he betrays his voters?  Who will you believe in the future?  Will you give up on politics entirely?  What if there’s really no difference between the two parties?

Short of violence, what – will – you – do.


Well, Just One More Post. At Least..

Folks, it’s been a while.  I hope you’ve been well.  I’ve been busy filling gaps.  I’ve been monitoring the ‘left’ and ‘right’.  For many years before it’s been commonly declared recently, I’ve been saying we’re headed for a civil war.  When I say civil war, I don’t necessesarily mean a clone of CW #1.  I mean it in a more generic way.

Some folks who’ve self-attributed the label(s) conservative/Republican/right/threeper/etc. are wrist-wringing more than ever.  I keep reading blog posts and comments where they’re freaking out.  They’re either crying ‘What can I do!!’ or screaming that it’s time to start shooting fuckers – but notice that they aren’t themselves, out there face-shooting anyone.  They want you to be first to see how it goes, and if it goes well, then they’ll join in – or maybe they won’t.  Sometimes violence is the answer, but it’s not the only effective option.  You need to self-assess your risk profile and risk tolerance before you starting thinking about taking action.

Having said that, there are ton of things folks can do without resorting to shooting anyone, but they require time, effort and some degree of risk.  Folks don’t have any time or effort to spare for their cause?  Well… then they’re not sufficiently worried enough yet.  Or maybe they’re just the cupcake-eating pussies that they keep claiming the enemy are.  We keep reading how the radicals are busing in (sometimes paid) protestors, right?  It’s organized and funded, how the hell else could thousands of radicals show up somewhere on a day’s notice, all wearing the same outfits and weaponized?  I wonder what would happen if you followed those buses back to their origin?  You could start to trace where the money is coming from.  What if, now that you know where the buses are housed and who owns them, those buses just happened to all get flat tires or water in their fuel tanks the morning before they were scheduled to roll out and support the next riot (whoops, I mean ‘protest’).  What if the buses broke down or lost mobility where the route was most remote or difficult to get help to?  What if the buses somehow got lost?  What if the bus front windows were painted?  Of course, I’m not advocating any illegal or immoral activies, I’m merely presenting this as an exercise in adaptive thinking.  See where I’m going with this – you don’t have to destroy, you can just distrupt to get a desired outcome – and the opposition doesn’t get to portray you as some kind of home-grown savage.  You don’t have to wait for some ‘leader’ to appear and guide you – this can be a one-person-show.  Start with the desired outcome, then determine the techniques.  In this case, the outcome would be having a rally with the opposition failing to show, because that presents a different story for the media to spin – one that we’ll assume is more to your advantage.  Unfortunately, most folks today seem to get their ‘news’ from comedians, celebreties and partisan news outlets.  We’re sound-bite nation.  Perception is reality.  If you control the story, you influence opinions.  Your goal is to get as many folks supporting you or at least neutral to your goals.  Ensure your actions don’t tarnish you in the eyes of those who are supportive of you.

Here’s my take on CW #2 – it’s not like you’re thinking it’ll be.  It’s going to be:

  • More protests, supported by institutions you always thought were either neurtral or on your side.  Banks will cut funding to (or freeze assets of) businesses, and then individuals who don’t support their side.  Local and state governments will use laws and regulations to squash those who don’t support their cause.
  • Media, politicians and business will deepen their mutually supporting ties to target those who don’t support their cause.  Media will falsely label you as ‘X’, knowing full-well that ‘X’ is defined by law as being a domestic terrorist.  And the law (interpreted and enforced differently by each administration) has a special way of handling domestic terrorists that may not involve a whole lotta due process. Businesses and governments will continue to collect your digital trail, but will share the data to form a more complete picture of who you are and predict what you’ll do.  In the analytics world, the progression in data’s value is “Describe, Proscribe, Predict”.  Information will be used to target you for influence, degredation or elimination.
  • Friends and family will turn on each other due to continued polarization on political and social issues.
  • You may be sued by an individual, group, business or government in order to neutralize you.
  • You may be shunned by your local businesses, government and friends because you don’t share their beliefs.
  • Your family may be targetted for physical violence by any of the above folks, again because they only tolerate their own opinions.
  • Right will be wrong, up will be down – all spun by the corporate and politcally influenced media.  So much disinformation will be spread that you won’t know who or what to believe in.

Many of the above are already happening.  Overall, it’ll be a slow, downhill slugfest of shit-storm after shit-storm where just when you thought things were at peak insanity, they’ll get worse – as you try to live as normal a daily life as possible.  Repetitive conflicts over a long duration will wear you down physically, mentally and emotionally.


That’s a whole lotta shit stacked up against you, isn’t it?  So, what can you do?  What should you do?  First, you have to become independent.  Being independent is important because it means that you’re reducing the number of vectors that the bad guys can use to influence you.  Use Maslow’s Hierarchy, starting at the bottom and working your way up: supply your own water, food, shelter, energy, medical and security needs.  I hear folks saying you should pay off your debts first, but honestly, I disagree.  So you pay off your mortgage and now you think you own your house, right?  Wrong.  Miss a property tax payment and the government will take the land that they own and the house that you used to own (and sank a huge chunk of your savings into).  IMO, spend the money buying things you truly own.  Like clothing, books, tools, equipment, vehicles, food reserves, ammo, fuel, precious metals, etc.  Things you could take with you if you had to move.  Things that would effectively let you start over, if you just moved them from location X to location Y.  Once you have all that, then you pay off your big debts.  Of course, this is all specific to the individual – if you’re so in debt that you can’t answer the phone or door without a debt-collector bugging you, you may need to pay down some debt.  I live debt-free except for a home mortgage.

Aquiring stuff, as described above, is relatively easy because it involves no personal conflict – it’s just buying stuff and learning to use it.  The key thing you’re really going to need is a high level of comfort in personal conflict situations.  From your kid’s teacher challenging your parental role in thier education, to your home being invaded and your family attacked.  If you are uneasy with anything along this spectrum, you need to harden-the-fuck-up.  I suggest taking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, because your personal space will constantly be invaded by large, sweaty guys who are trying to choke you unconscious.  Find a school that teaches using a balance of technique-building and live rolling.  A training environment that removes most of the live (hard, realistic) rolling won’t be building the stress-innoculation adaptations you’re looking for.


What’s the profile of a person who successfully navigates CW2?  In no particular order:

  • part FBI agent
  • part CIA agent
  • part door-kicker
  • part farmer
  • hands-on
  • a learner
  • a maker and a breaker
  • healthy and physically fit
  • independent, adaptable, confident, trustworthy, realist, influencer
  • positive, can-do attitude
  • capable of operating alone or in groups

After you’ve assessed your future situations and identified your deficiencies, develop a plan to fill your gaps.  Then get to fillin’.

Gone Baby Gone

When I started this blog, I thought I’d be able to express my thoughts and generate some conversation.

Well, I expressed my thoughts and the blog did get good traffic, but it’s time to go dark for a bit.  I don’t want the wrong folks applying what I’ve written, so I’m taking the content private and ceasing posts.

Besides, America’s gone.  I’ve got to spend my remaining time tightening things up.

If I can offer up some parting words for those who are willing to hear them: God is the answer.  Keep prepping, but get yourself right with the Lord Jesus Christ, because the war that’s coming is spiritual.

Good luck.